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Hi! Welcome to my website. Pleased to meet you.

I am a strategically-inclined yet hands-on communications pro with journalistic roots. Content is my business. Learning is my passion. Writing is my intellection outlet.

Communicating for projects/organizations with positive social impact is what I do four days a week.

Three things I really like about my work are:

  • the constant innovation (it keeps me on my toes),
  • being able to lend my voice to the organization I work for, and
  • the chance to create understanding, build bridges and break barriers.

My personal affirmation is to be a voice for positive change. Some of the ways I make this happen is through writing about people who change the world, creating awareness on issues such as diversity and inclusion and applying constructive journalism principles in my work. I love to travel and minimalist travel is my sport.

What drives me

I am passionate about learning, continuous improvement (kaizen) and social impact. The kaizen mindset keeps me sharp and on top of all the advancements happening in my field. Dynamic organizations with a clear social responsibility attract me. Innovation that impacts global development inspires me. Progress motivates me. I feel personally connected with the issues of diversity and inclusion, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

An environment where there is alignment, responsibility and trust makes me thrive. My workspace is characterized by organization, efficiency and a growth mindset. I enjoy working with individuals who understand that progress is better than perfection, are receptive to new ideas and have strong work ethics.

Why VERBAL-isms