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I entered communication, media and marketing through the backdoor of journalism.  Being a television journalist for more than 10 years in the Philippines before I moved to the Netherlands, communication was a logical fallback. I thought it was temporary but I’m still having a good time transforming communications of non-profit organizations since I started in 2009. Keeping up with the constant changes, connecting with audiences and the innovation energize me.

My journalism background and relevant work experience in corporate communications, marketing communications, communication and dissemination for European-funded projects and digital media has turned me into an all-round and solution-oriented communication and media professional through the years. I am always learning and on a mission to empower changemakers with valuable content, targeted communications and impactful campaigns.

My personal affirmation is to be a voice for positive change. Some of the ways I make this happen is through writing about people who change the world and applying constructive journalism principles in my work.

What drives me and how I work

I am passionate about continuous improvement. This keeps me sharp and on top of all the advancements happening in my field. Dynamic organizations with a clear social responsibility attract me. Innovation that impacts global development inspires me. Progress motivates me. I feel personally connected with the issues of sustainability, social responsibility, gender-balanced leadership and constructive/solutions journalism.

An environment where there is alignment, responsibility and trust makes me thrive. My workspace is characterized by organization, efficiency and a growth mindset. I enjoy working with individuals who understand that progress is better than perfection, are receptive to new ideas and have strong work ethics.

My brand of journalism

I combine my day job in communications, media and marketing with freelance journalism while completing my master’s thesis on “Constructive news frames of the European migration.” Read more about my thesis journey here.

My thesis topic is a by-product of my faith in the ability of journalism and communications to transform societies. Our stories are our shared history as a people. We live and breathe in stories. If the stories that we tell reflect not only the conflicts around us but how we win over them, can you imagine how powerful that can be? This is the gift of constructive journalism. I hope to apply it in future work and be an active part of solutions, innovation, social change and positive global development.

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