Hi, I am Chared and I envision a more equal, optimistic and sustainable world through communication that is constructive, inclusive and always improving.

I am a versatile, content-sharp and digital-savvy communication professional committed to create understanding, build bridges and break barriers for a more inclusive, positive and sustainable world. I believe that good communication deliver clarity and inspiration that bring people together, move hands and hearts and drive lasting, transformational change.

My story

I started out in publishing (1997) and was a TV journalist for a decade (1998 – 2009) before joining the communication field (2009 – ). A move from the Philippines to the Netherlands made this change possible. My initial plan was to try communication out until my Dutch has improved and go back to news reporting but even after getting my Dutch language diploma (CEFR C1 level), I stayed in the field excited about the constant innovation going on.


As in-house communication professional, I enjoyed trying out new channels, graphic design and new tech that I developed an extensive skill set that can be expected of a modern-day communication professional. I also kept improving getting an MA in Development Communication and currently finishing my Executive MSc in Corporate Communication at the RSM Erasmus University with a research on “internal communication and belonging in the virtual workplace“.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work on very varied topics from travel to history, culture, education and politics; microbiology to hematology, healthcare, innovation and knowledge/technology transfer; sustainable development, diversity and inclusion and solutions/constructive journalism. In a highly-specialized environment, I am proud to say that I have ‘range’. If innovation is about connecting the dots, I have a lot of dots to connect.

I have been writing ever since I can remember.

Content, alignment and inclusion

With my extensive experience in the fields of communication, journalism and marketing, I can be both hands-on and strategic in the roles that I take on. Content is the red thread that connects all these fields so I naturally gravitate towards messaging and storytelling as positioning tools for brands.

I believe in the importance of internal and external alignment to strengthen an organization’s image and reputation. As an inside-out strategist, I strongly support branding from the inside which is only possible through internal communication that takes the positive impact of diversity, inclusion and belonging into account.

Positive communication

My personal affirmation is to be a voice for positive change. Some of the ways I make this happen is through working with the purpose-driven, writing about people who change the world, creating awareness on issues such as diversity and inclusion and applying constructive journalism principles in my work.

I strongly advocate for empathy and inclusion in the workplace. An environment where there is alignment, challenge and trust makes me thrive. My workspace is characterized by organization, efficiency and a growth mindset. I enjoy working with individuals who understand that progress is better than perfection.

My interests

I am passionate about learning, continuous improvement (kaizen) and contributing to positive social impact. If I could name a superpower, that would be my learning mindset. This keeps me relevant, resilient and on top of the dynamic communication landscape. I bask in the challenge of steep learning curves, find change exciting and easily navigate a new normal.

A staunch advocate of diversity and inclusion, I am a Lean In Netherlands Circle Leader, a “50 Ways to Fight Bias” facilitator and serve on the International committee and Diversity Network of the Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR).

Curiosity is my superpower.

Finally, I live in a city between Rotterdam and The Hague, on a street named after remarkable women. I binge on books, MOOCs and TED Talks. Ultralight travel is my sport. Creating mnemonics is my go-to mental yoga. I have a penchant for new words, ancient civilizations and exquisite typography.

Contact me

So, that’s me in not so much of a nutshell. Tell me about yourself. What brought you here? Keep in touch.