Mevr. Elma van Zelzen van de gemeente Vlaardingen heeft mij net gebeld. Ze heeft een afspraak voor ons op de 21ste April gemaakt. Dit is over mijn inburgeringscursus. Zeven maanden geleden hadden wij al een intakeinburgering met Mevr. Simson van de gemeente. Helaas was er nog niks gebeurd. The municipality hasn’t lifted a single finger to help us with my inburgering. It is very frustrating if I may stress. Because here I am studying my dutch almost everyday, I can’t wait to perfect the language. But the municipality wouldn’t have reacted if we did not send them an angry letter!

Yes, we sent them a letter two days ago. They received it today. And that’s why I got this call from Mevr. van Zelzen. I’ve been here for eleven months! I should be in school! I hope this intake will be different from the other one. I hope it will actually make sense. And I hope that I can finally go to school.

Just a little background on attending the inburgeringscursus in the Netherlands —
A foreigner needs to attend it to learn Dutch and KNS (kennis van samenleving). I could probably survive just self-studying Dutch. But I have learned as much as I can that it is about time to be taught properly. Unfortunately, we need the help of the gemeente since the government is paying for the school. If they arrange it for us, we wouldn’t have to pay anything. But if they don’t, we have to pay A LOT.

In TU Delft, it is 725euro per level of study. I would have liked to go there but they do not have the ‘keurmerk inburgering’ at the moment. Meaning, they are not included in the list of schools where the gemeenteen can arrange the inburgeringscursus with.

In Zadkine, where they also use the Delftse Methode (a method of learning Dutch which I find very interesting), the inburgeringscursus fee is a whopping 7000euros! Can you believe that? So the gemeente Vlaardingen must help us. #