Be the change you wish to see in the world.  ~ Mahatma Ghandi

The onslaught of typhoon Ondoy in the greater Manila area has left more than a million people homeless and hopeless. In this light, my husband and I, his parents and my family in Quezon City decided to do our own private relief operations. My parents already started with this before we even showed interest in helping out. My in-laws doing their part resulted to a domino effect. My officemates also shared in this little project of ours. It was amazing how this deluge has moved others, especially non-Filipinos, to do what they can. For indeed, with such devastation, it is not enough to be affected, what really matters is that one helps in any way he can. Caring is the least we can do.

While humility suggests that we shouldn’t tell the world when we decide to help other people, accountability dictates otherwise. So here are some pictures of the private relief operations done by our families with the help of my colleagues in FEMS and a dear friend.

Our house in Quezon City turned into a bayanihan centre upon the preparation of the goods…

The distribution of the goods was also a fulfilling task. Even relatives from afar, who were also hit by the typhoon, arrived that day to help distribute the goods. For indeed, giving in itself is a blessing. It makes us richer than we are.

To those who have given their share in this little project of ours, our heartfelt gratitude. The families we’ve helped (100 and counting) are most happy to know that their suffering is not forgotten.#