I just arrived home from Europe today. Back to my own reality — bumper-hugging traffic, not-very-nice drivers, family. It’s nice to see my family again. I guess, my last holiday was the longest three months I have been away from them. Last year, I was also away for three months. But those were totally different because I was on a foreign grant and was surely going to be back after the study. While the three months I spent away from home this year is more of an introduction to a more permanent decision to live away from my comfort zone.

I tell you, this gives me a whole new different feeling. Knowing that I’m only staying here to prepare myself to leave my comfort zone. That sentence even sounds different too. It’s like going on this huge exercise routine to prepare for a big show or a big dance performance or a shot at the price that that big reality show offers.

And then you start to think, what if it does not work in the long run? What if it turns out you’re not fit to live your whole new life that seemed to be so perfectly set-up for you the first time (well, not really, i don’t believe in a perfect set-up)? What if you don’t get your comfort zone in that life? Will you go back to the comforts of the zone that was once your comfort zone? Decisions… decisions… now I know why some people are afraid to jump.

But you know what they say, it may be scary, but on the other side of that big crack where you’re jumping from, that’s where all the goodies are. Or, that if you don’t leave the shore, you won’t see the beauty of the sea.

What the hell, I will jump anyway so I won’t waste my time thinking otherwise. I will surely miss the ones I love and the ones with whom I did a lot of growing-up with. I know that there will be days when I just have to miss them so much. But they will always be in the comforts of my heart. And that’s one comfort zone where one can stay forever. #
Hi Chared,
Your comfortzone is any place where you are loved… There is not only one… I do understand you are scared and of course you need to look before you leap and maybe 3 months is too short to have a really good look… but are you sure that when you stay in your present comfortzone you will be happy there???
I am trying to say… Just follow your heart always and it won’t let you down. And if it turns out that you are not meant for each other for whatever reason(s); Just know that you will be loved with us… We will be a comfortzone for you…
Take care always; come back soon…!!

Posted by: Ray | October 8, 2006 08:51 AM


TAKE THAT BIG LEAP. We wouldn’t know what would be the outcome but surely you’ll regret it more if you don’t. Your love ones will always be there.

Remember, nothing is permanent except change. See you!

Posted by: Maria Lourdes | October 26, 2006 12:05 PM