Taking a break from my routine of three months now — studying Dutch, watching Dutch kiddie programs, finishing up some chores — I tried to ACTUALLY look and dig deeper into my Friendster account. I have just started my blog and photo album this month but I have not really given much time to know what’s happening to people here. I only opened my account before to check messages or change photos.

And I was so surprised. To learn of a few life-changing events that my friends have gone or been going through. One has changed boyfriends (bago na yung guy na katabi niya sa pic!), another has gotten married. A neighbor has moved to another part of Europe while a former barkada already have kids.

I only learned it through changes in their Friednster pages though. It’s a wonder to be able to know the latest news about people through a website like this. But it’s more surprising to just know it electronically, impersonally.

Day by day, we see the world changing and giving us more information. Sometimes, too much information. But while technology tries to connect us faster and easier, we become more disconnected from one another.

There’s the chat and the e-mail. There’s the mobile phone and the good old wired telephone. There’s also still snail mail right around the corner.

But when we see friends in the chatroom all the time, we don’t even bother to say HI. Or even when there’s a thousand numbers in our mobile, did you notice that you only send messages to about ten of them? When did that good old wired telephone last ring? And when was the last time that you got a card or a letter through snail mail?

It’s such a modern world. Could our forefathers have known that it would turn out to be like this? I hope we could use it to our benefit and try to connect more to people. But people seem to be too busy to tell other people that they are such. Guilty! (raising my hand)#