For the first time since I lived here in Vlaardingen, I went to the Stadsbibliotheek today. It is not a big library, I must say. The Quezon City public library is much bigger. But it is relatively more organized (likemost of Holland is) and quite hi-tech. Bijvoorbeeld, je hoeft niet een bibliotheek boekje hebben. To borrow a book, just put it on a table with sensors and it will record itself. The same thing you may do with returning a book. But now I’m starting to ask myself, how does the system know who borrows it? I’m going back to the library today and that’s when I will learn.

I decided to become a member of the library because they have all the books I was looking for Nederlands Leren. That way, we do not have to buy all the books I need.

After my first visit to the library, Mark and I went to an appointment with Mevr. van Velzen at the gemeente. This is our second time for an iburgering gesprek. They gave us two offers for inburgering, one for someone who has a child and another for someone who wants to work while doing the course (SagEnn). Het lijkt mij niet fijn om naar SagEnn te naartoe gaan. Het lijkt als een school voor lageopgeleiden. De cursus leert alleen tot niveau A2. Toen ik mijn examen in de Filippijnen heeft gedaan kreeg ik al niveau A2!

Mevr. van Velzen zei dat niveau A2 is alles dat is nodig voor de inburgering examen te geslagen. Als dat de situatie is, dan ben ik al geslaagd!

Het was een beetje frustrerend dat de gemeente geen aanbod voor hoogopgeleiden geeft. Dat betekent dat als een buitenlander een aanbod van de gemeente krijgt leert ze alleen lage-Nederlands. If this country wants to be a winner in the integration arena, it should be ready to motivate foreigners to better or even perfect their Dutch. Of course, integration is not just about learning the language. De aanbod van de gemeente also includes working while learning Dutch. Tenminste werkt SagEnn zo. Maar het is ook werk voor laagopgeleiden — schroeven, en zo (als wij het op het internet gezien hebben). That is not very helpful and challenging.

We requested Mevr. van Velzen to look for other options for me because it would be perfect to get a better education. Well, better education is always perfect. That much I know and that much I learned from my parents. Times like these, I tend to remember what my parents always tell us — nobody can take away good education from you, you may have all the riches in the world, but you will not know how to handle it if you did not learn anything.

We used to just shrug off what our parents tell us. But you can almost always directly tell a well-educated person apart from a non-educated one. Of course it makes a difference when the non-educated person bettered him/herself through his/her life. But I’m all foor better, if not the best, education one can have. That’s what I’m going for — even in Dutch. #