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52 weeks of frameworks

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Knowledge is power and frameworks make you remember.

Two days more and it´s 2020. Every year, I tell myself I should write more. The more I write, the more I learn and the better I remember. Unfortunately this year (2019), I did not write as much as I wanted (again) so in 2020, I am publicly announcing a weekly (micro)blogging challenge with the topic of ¨frameworks¨.

Why frameworks

¨Write what you know¨ is one of the most famous writing advice I have ever heard. If there is something I know and love to remember, these are frameworks. I take note of them or create them myself. Knowledge is power but it is useless if we can´t remember and frameworks make that possible. What more, frameworks lay the foundation for the work that has to be done, keeps you focused and organised.

Who this is for

For communication and business leaders who would like to learn more about what frameworks out there can aid them in their everyday practice.

What to expect

Every Friday, I will publish one communication/business framework. The content will be the framework itself and how to use it. Join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #frameworkFridays2020!#