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Connect. Empower. Cheer on.

We are a Circle for mid-career moms who learn and grow together, support each other and are/want to be unapologetically ambitious.

Topics we talk about include (but not limited to):
• empowering our partners to share household/childcare chores,
• fighting gender bias at work (did you know that maternal bias is one of the most popular biases against women?),
• putting our strengths to work, and
• owning and celebrating our successes.

Our mission is: “Connect. Empower. Cheer on.” With our common ground as working moms, we can relate with each other’s concerns (Connect). We arm each other with the tools to gain more self-awareness and better control of our lives/careers/ambitions (Empower). We celebrate each other’s successes (Cheer on).

Our Circle is created in The Hague area but meets virtually. Once in a while, we will meet face-to-face because nothing matches seeing people in person.

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