Concealed talent brings no reputation. – Desiderius Erasmus

I got a call yesterday from a university where I applied for the position of English Writer/Editor. They were looking for someone who has a loving relationship with words. Someone who can write press releases, articles, web content, brochures or just generally, text. Sad to say, they did not have any ‘brilliant’ (that’s the word the woman who called me used) news for me. They just called to say that they already found someone who is perfect and that they cannot invite me for an interview.

The conversation went really smoothly. I did not have the difficulty to pick up my words because the call was in English. I told the woman that, well, I understand, they have the right to choose the perfect one. Because it’s true, when you are a company, of course, you have the right to choose who you think will best work for you.

But after putting the phone down, I felt bad that I was not even invited for an interview. How would you know if you have found the perfect one if you did not even give the others the chance to prove themselves? My only handicap in that job application is that I do not have a knowledge of business schools. But writers are writers wherever they are. One certain gift that a journalist/writer will always have is the possibility of learning everyday, everytime, everywhere. I bask in that. Learning is something that I want to do all my life. Learning new things, about new people, new cultures, new languages. Not necessarily in a school but just while doing what you do.

This was not the first experience I had of being turned down without an interview. I also recently applied for a PR Officer position in an architecture company. The uitzenburo got back to me to let me know that the company can not invite me for an interview because they need someone who has an architectural background. My husband and I found both cases strange. A PR Officer with an architectural background? It’s either the company really knows who it wants or they don’t have an idea what they’re talking about. A PR Officer is someone who works on the image of the company. What matters is that he or she is good in what she does.

Last week, I had an interview with a big petrochemical company. Working for this certain company is really one of the best working experiences one can have in his/her cv especially in the Netherlands. They were looking for a personal assistant. For an organized person, with a lot of humor, sense and sensibilities. It was a fun interview. Although they were looking for someone who can do it fulltime. I would have really loved to do it. In my life, there are two certain things that I can do even when I’m blindfolded — be a journalist/writer and coordinate/organize. But right now, I need time to study my Dutch and fulfill all these inburgering hullabaloo. So if i would have a job right now, it would have to be parttime.

But it felt good that I was invited for an interview. That I was given the chance to prove myself and finally, to choose. To talk about myself and my qualifications. And not to be treated like a piece of paper without nothing to prove at all. Much like a fresh graduate.#