Pink was the color of the day as thousands of gays graced the Amsterdam Gay Pride 2010. Earlier in the day, reports of a ship containing 2100 gays from Scandinavia docked in Amsterdam to join the festivities. It was not hard to imagine as we witnessed how crowded it was during the parade.

The clouds were not friendly to the gays celebrating their pride and us gay-friendly people but it didn’t affect the big event. People were drinking and dancing all around. Others were even grateful that the weather didn’t turn out so good since Amsterdam would be more jam-packed if the weather was clear and sunny.

Arriving around 3 p.m. at the canals where the boat parade was going on, we had a hard time working our way through the crowd. Finding a good spot to take pictures and some videos didn’t also prove so easy. But we managed. There was enough place for everyone!

We were able to witness about 20 boats of gays ranging from Aids-fighting gays, culture-enthusiast gays and gay employees from the TNT Post, the Nederlanse Spoorwegen and the FNV workers’ union.

Here are some of the videos I was able to take during the parade… Make sure you check out the last parts!

That’s all for today folks. Check in every now and then as I try to post pictures related to this post. Have a happy and gay day ahead! Hopefully next year, the sun will come out and join the parade. 🙂 #