Doe maar gewoon dan doe je al gek genoeg.

The above quote is a famous Dutch line which roughly means, “Just act normal, that’s crazy enough” implying how prim and proper the Dutch are in many occasions. I have to say, living in The Netherlands for three years now, most of the Dutch I know do indeed act normally. Meaning: civilized. The non-civilized ones are usually scoffed at.

However, I cannot say the same with the Dutch behavior when it comes to football. The national game sketches a very different picture of the Dutch. The usual folksy, unassuming nature turns into a jubilant even rowdy crowd! Not to mention — orange. The neighborhood and even people, turn orange — the national color of The Netherlands in combination with the red, white and blue flag. (Trivia: The Dutch Royal family hails from the line of Oranje-Nassau. Oranje is the Dutch word for the color orange. That’s why. ;p)

We were luckily outside when the Orange team beat Brazil during the quarter finals of World Cup 2010. I was surprised with all the euphoria! Watch the following video which I made during the festivities —

Tomorrow, for the semi-finals of World Cup 2010, the Dutch team will play against Uruguay. We hope you’ll cheer for the Dutch! If they win this match, all hell will break lose. If they win this match, they will play against one of two former oppressors: Germany or Spain. Does it remind you a bit of history? #