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Sample work in publications such as newsletters, books and impact reports.

Impact Report for Europe

The "Impact Report for Europe" is a collection of knowledge transfer success stories. It is the first of its kind in Europe when we published the first issue in 2013 (in my first 6 months in ASTP-Proton). I was involved as Managing Editor of this pub...
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ASTP-Proton newsletter

In my stint as Communications Manager of ASTP-Proton (2013-2016), I produced the association's first digital newsletter. You can find all issues here. https://issuu.com/charedbv/docs/2014-newsletter-spring-2014 https://issuu.com/charedbv/docs/a...
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FEMS Focus

  As Communications Officer of FEMS Microbiology from 2009-2012, one of the projects I am proud of is the quarterly FEMS Focus. Three of my inforgettable interviews for this magazine were with Nobel Prize awardees Sir Paul Nurse and Harald zu...
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