We have been experiencing good weather since last week. By good weather in the Netherlands, it means having a temperature of 15degrees celsius and up and a lot of sun. In my first few months here, I wondered waarom mensen zijn te gek op de zon. There’s a lot of sun in the Philippines so I could not really care less. But after living here for a few months more(next month, I’ll be officially living in the Netherlands for a year!), I realized why it was so. Indeed, you’ve got to miss the sun!

The weather is The Netherlands is always changing. You can actually experience snow, rain and sun in one day! That’s why when people ask “What clothes should I bring to the Netherlands if I want to go there?”, I say, “a little of everything”. Because if it gets colder, one can just put on another layer of clothing. Although most of the time, I would describe it as cold, cloudy and windy. But I’m Asian, so maybe that’s why I’m always cold?!

But relatively, during the winter, it gets really cold. It does not snow so often in the Netherlands compared to the previous years (the Dutch people say) but last Christmas, we had snow. During the last week of March, it also snowed. So judging from almost a year of living here, the weather in the Netherlands is like a box of chocolates — you’ll never know what you’ll get!

Oh well, let’s not try to jinx it. The sun has been coming out since last week. There is a promise of summer this year (last year, summer just failed to attend to us here!) — lekker eten op het balkon, lekker drinken op een terras, lekker om barbecuen te doen, lekker voor de kleding om te drogen in de zon. Finally, I do appreciate something that we have a lot in my country of birth — the almighty sun!#