What’s all these talk about the alleged leakage in the last nursing board exams? Apparently, there are questions from all tests (1-5) that were leaked by a certain review center to examinees. Reports say the leakage started in Baguio City (so why the hell did they have the least number of passers?). But now, reports also say that it was nationwide. And famous people (or those who want to be famous) are pushing for a re-take.

Many people in my family are in the medical profession. I have four cousins who are doctors, my favorite aunt and another cousin are nurses and three of my cousins now are studying to be nurses. Not to mention, I also have countless friends who are nurses.

I have seen how they toil night and day studying to pass medical school. And after passing medical school, they have to toil day and night again to pass the board examinations. It would have been less of a burden if the only thing they needed to do was to study. But they and their family were also burdened with the question of where the money would be coming from. So it was always such joy when they took the exams and passed it.

But this is not so for the most recent examiners of the nursing board exams.

After they have toiled day and night to study for the exams, after the pressure and stress that they had to go through before, during and after the exams, they have to go through another round of not very positive feelings — anxiety, distress, anger. Because people say that there was leakage in the exams.

Who are these people anyway? And why did they only come out after four months from the period when the alleged act was done? And if it is indeed true, are we not barking at the wrong tree?

I remember that when I was going to college, I used to review for the entrance exams of a very well-known university. Some of the questions given to me were indeed asked in the exams. Don’t you call that leakage? Don’t all examinees review before exams? And from the reviewers that they get, especially when there are too much materials available, it always happens that questions similar with that of the exams come out. Now, is that the fault of the student who studied very hard to pass it?

We should punish the people who were responsible for the leakage and not the examinees. They have done their part. If they passed it, good for them, allow them to go on with their lives. If they didn’t pass, give them a break, they need it!

With all the corruption that goes on in this country, it does not sound very special that people from certain offices involved in the exams leaked it to review centers to get extra money. It is also not so spectacular to hear a non-passer say that there was indeed leakage, because then, he gets a free second chance to take another shot at it. Some people can’t just gracefully accept losing. They have to take everyone down with them. And for all we know, this is just another case of chismis that got out of hand.#